Alexander Koning

Camerawork, Photography and Visual Art


‘Burn Before Reading Étude#4: ‘Portrait of A Stranger I Know’ aka 'Kobani’ Charcoal, Acrylic, Pencil, Spray Paint, Epoxy and Conté on Wooden Panel – 50x60cm – 2017 SOLD

‘Burn Before Reading Étude#3: ‘It is Not Because We Found It That We Will Stop Searching’ aka 'Ishmael est Revenu’ Charcoal, Acrylic, Pencil, Spray Paint and Conté on Wooden Panel – 50x60cm – 2017

Burn Before Reading #1: ‘Revês d’Axum’ aka ' Roxanne m’avait Prévenu' Acrylic, Charcoal, Spraypaint, Conté, Pencil and Gesso on Canvas. 140x100cm – 2017 SOLD

Tarik went on his trip, but found out he lost more than he gained by following the vague and dangerous dream of a perfect and wealthy life.
The paint ‘language’ used in this African Refugees series is derived from the African barbershop signs. Signs that often refer to the Western world as an idealistic and fashionable place to be and that are fuel for the dreams of young African men and making them risk their lives at sea to reach the promised land.
As a cameraman I visited a lot of the mediterranean countries (i.e. Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Slovenia) to film the latest refugee crisis. As an artist I work on an ongoing series of works around the subject of migration and war-refugees.

Tarik et Roxanne

The video is part of the finished artwork as you can see the optimistic, loving Roxanne gradually changing into Tarik. Tarik left his home in Axum, Ethiopia to try to make it to Europe, but the closer he came to reaching his goal, the more he started to miss the beauty he left behind.

African Barbershop Sign

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